“He’s wearing a sack!”

Little Caesar’s LogoLast week we went to the newly opened Little Caesar’s Pizza in town. They have a big foam Caesar mascot. The kind that a person can get into. A big puppet.

Though this was just standing in the corner of the store, our daughter was fascinated by it. The puppet was wearing the traditional orange Little Caesar’s toga.

Our daughter’s first words when she saw it was, “Daddy, he’s wearing a sack!”

April Goals Report

Running 1000 miles
I ran 90.2 miles this month on 19 days. There were 11 days that I did not run. Out of those 11 days, I never took more than 2 days off at a time. I did run 4 days in a row twice this month, which is something I did not want to do. Those came on back to back weeks. I almost did it a third week in a row, but just had to tell my running partner that I could not make it because of getting too fatigued.

I am about 5 miles ahead of my goal for the year. This is my second longest running month–January was longer by 1 mile.

Reading 800 pages
I only read 644 pages this month in 5 different books. Nothing was really outstanding other than the Marathon book by Hal Higdon. Without having a goal I would not have read as much as I did. I am disappointed that I missed it again (missed in February too). But I am encouraged by the fact that I have used the goal to keep me pushing to be a more consistent reader.

OpenOffice.org help

One of my favorite blogs, OpenOffice.org Training, Tips, and Ideas, has an excellent post today. Solveig has written many great tutorial posts and today’s post links to the more popular ones from the past.

Some of the posts that she links too are long and detailed, but that is the beauty of her site. She gives very clear instructions as to how to accomplish a task in OOo.

I have gotten to where I check her site first when I need help with a project. I used to go to the unofficial OOo forum first. There is a newer forum that seems to be more active these days too. And there are some good tutorial sites out there.

I subscribe to the RSS feed at OpenOffice.org Training and always like to see what she has written. Sometimes the information does not apply to what I am currently working on, but just knowing that the info is there when I need it sure comes in handy.