Mr. Bean’s car

Mr. Bean’s CarOn Sunday night driving home from church we pulled up behind a green Datsun. At least, I think it was green. It had been painted by a paint brush, or a broom. Needless to say it was not a professional job.

It looked similar in shape to Mr. Bean’s car. His car is a Mini (not a Cooper), but this car was a Datsun.

There were at least 6 people in the car. That is how many heads we saw, but there could have been more.

I only wished I had my camera with me and could have gotten a picture of the hasp and padlock that was used to keep the trunk closed.

6K race

Today I ran a 6K race put on by KFC. The $2.50 entrance fee went to sponsor children with cancer.

It was a point to point race. From one KFC to another. My house is conveniently situated between the two. I thought about walking/running to the starting line, but found that the busses were running at 6:00 in the morning and happily paid the 50 cents to take a short ride.

There were a bit over 200 people there (just a guess). From what I could ascertain, there were 70 people in my age group. I placed 37 out of the group with a time of 33:14. The distance was 6.2K.

After walking around for about 20 minutes, I started my run home. Where the race was run at 8:37 per minute, my run home was 11:34 per minute. It was less than 1.5 miles.

I can play at the KFC play place

Today we stopped at a KFC on our way down to Playa Del Carmen on the Riviera Maya. Our kids ran into the play place to work off some energy before getting into the car for the drive south. We were sitting there and noticed that the sign was not placed quite where it should have been.

Chicky is saying, “Little friend, if you are less than 1.2 meters tall (and he is pointing to the height on the chart), you can enjoy these very fun toys.” Click on the picture for a bigger version.

Me playing at the KFC playplace

Today I was “that” runner

Don’t you hate it when you are on a running/walking/bike path and some guy in front of you just wanders around the path not staying in a straight line? Well, I have never really experienced it much since I have rarely gotten the chance to run on a dedicated path.

This morning I got a chance to run on one of those nice paths in the hotel area of Cancun. I was really enjoying the paved path and totally ignoring anything around me. Why should I? There are no cars going to hit me.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a bycicle that passed me right on the edge of the path. He did not screem anything rude at me. Thankfully. But the reason he had to swing to the edge of the path was that I was just aimlessly wandering from side to side with my running. Sorry.

I am just not used to running without having to dodge cars. I felt like I had no cares in the world. I guess I was wrong.