Vacation Bible School

One of the local churches is having a vacation Bible school that our children are attending this week. They have had a blast. The times of the classes are 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening. It has been good for us too.

We have dropped them off and gotten to go do some shopping without putting them (and us) through the hassle. Shopping yesterday consisted of going to Costco and doing some research on a new printer. Then, we sat in the little café out front and ate a frozen yogurt. Today we went to Sam’s and purchased the printer we looked at last week and had pretty much decided on back then. We were just doing comparison shopping to see what else might be available.  We also spent a good bit of time enjoying a frozen cappuccino in their café.

Yesterday we started reading a book together. We continued that today. So far we are 3 chapters into The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I fall into the geek element of human population. My wife has serious leanings that way. This book is supposedly a must read for geeks. I don’t really read much fiction, but am giving it a try. Not too bad so far. Review to follow when it is done.

Church is growing

I have not really mentioned much about our ministry here on the blog, but I thought I would just share something exciting.

We have been working with a group of Deaf for 3 years. We have had regular Bible studies with them and have recently (about 9 months ago) started a church. We have seen it grow from 1 person (outside of ourselves) to regularly having 3 Deaf attend on Sundays. Slowly, and without me realizing it until today, we have 6 regular attenders on Sundays. Counting our family and the other missionary family that works with us, we will have 12-17 at church on a Sunday.

Wednesday has, interestingly, always been well attended. We have a core group of 7 Deaf who almost always come. Add in a few family members here and there and we generally have 20 people for that service.

Why is Wednesday bigger than Sunday?

We started the church out of an evening Bible study. Most of our Deaf come from the school for the Deaf in town. We pick them up after school and take them to the Bible study (now church). We are able to provide an easy ride for them after school and take them home after the service. While we provide transportation for anyone who wants it on Sunday, we have just been doing it much longer during the week. That makes the Wednesday night service where most of our Deaf got their first introduction to church. They are used to coming after school. Getting up and going on Sunday (a very sacred family day in the Mexican culture) is new to them.

It is fun to see it grow.

My Thought Spot 12: Weady to Go Wunning

We are back home from our big summer trip. It was just a couple day short of 3 weeks long. We had a good time. Much of this episode is a recap of our trip down from the border. Then there are other various stories of what went on since the last MTS episode.

Show Notes

Hitting the road

Mom and baby runningOur daughter asked me to take her running with me yesterday. After I finished my run I took her with me for a run around the block. We ran close to 1/4 mile. She is only three years old. While she was ready to go around again, I did not want to wear her out over it.

Today I did not have a run scheduled. She begged me to take her running again. While I would have taken her myself, my wife was going out for a walk today. I asked if she would take our daughter for a run. And, like yesterday, she said she would do it at the end of her walk.

As soon as my wife left the house our daughter had a break down. Mommy went walking without her. She cried almost the whole time that my wife was gone. She wanted to go running and Mommy didn’t take her.

I finally got her consoled enough that she knew she could go running with Mommy.

They went out for their run together around the block. I think I have a new running partner.

What am I paying $13 for?

LetterI have not been to the mailbox in 3 weeks or more. Today I went to see what kind of loot might be waiting for me. Sometimes I will get birthday cards and such from some of our supporting churches. There are unexpected gifts that come. Sometimes I have to pay custom’s fees, but they are gifts none the less.

Today I went with hopes of having a mailbox full of stuff.

One measly letter. It was the financial report from our mission board. All the information in that envelope was sent to me 2 months ago via email.

I pay $13 a year for the privilege of getting old financial statements?

Maybe someone can send me a postcard. I guess I just have to give you my address so you can.