Haggling for a bookshelf

We have some friends that are coming to stay with us in a week. BookshelfWe needed to tidy up the room they are going to be staying in. Since we are avid book hoarders, we have too many books to put on the shelves we have. In our son’s room, we had a bookshelf that was full and then piled. Piles of books on top, on the sides and in front of it.

We definitely needed a new bookshelf.

We went downtown to an area where we had bought some wooden furniture before. The prices are not spectacular, but better than other stores. We wondered around through a few of the carpenter shops without seeing any bookshelves. One thing is very apparent here…people don’t really read much and there is not much of a need for every house to have 5 bookshelves like ours. Therefore, there are not many to be had in the stores.

We did, however, find one that we convinced ourselves was about right in size and price. The sticker said $120. Since it was obvious that it had been sitting there a while, we decided to try and haggle the price down a little. I should have started lower, but I offered the lady $100. I wanted that price to include the $8 delivery fee.

She countered with $110 and I pay the delivery fee. I then offered her $110 including the fee.

She thought for a few seconds and she said, “$100 plus delivery fee.” It did not take me long to think that through and I told her I would take it.

It was delivered yesterday afternoon and I saved $20.

My Thought Spot 05: Happy Birthday and Boston Marathon

This episode was actually a shorter show until I added a 3 minute podcast promo onto the end of it. I wonder which podcast I would be willing to promote for that much time?

Show Notes:

How God uses people

I read an article at esler.org today. It is a story of a blind two year old baby girl. She was blinded by her beggar parents so that she could bring in more money for the family. Shortly after they gouged out her eyes, they dumped her when the authorities learned of what the parents had done.

Mr. Esler’s point in his post is to show that God can use people to show His love to others.

God gave a perfect example of our relationship with Him. That example is the family. But sin has caused this example to break down. Our earthly fathers are not perfect. Therefore, we sometimes have a hard time understanding the role of our Heavenly Father. But God can, and does, use people to show His love to those who do not see this perfect example in their own families.

Parents, one of the goals you should have is to model God for your family. How are you doing?

Baby has arrived!

My brother’s wife gave birth to a baby boy today. David Jeremiah Peach was born today (4-18-07) at 4:42pm. Weight 6 lbs. 15 oz., length 20 1/2″. Skinny and long.

Apparently all went well. We got a message containing the information provided here shortly after the baby was born. Since then, we have heard nothing. We presume that all is going well. As soon as I get pictures, I will post something here.

Congratulations to Paul and Melanie.